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Peptides are the building blocks of our body. They are small mRNA molecules made up by a chain of amino acids. Peptide therapeutics therefore are a key component of regenerative care because they stimulate the body's own cells to regenerate at the site of damage or wear.


Peptides are often more affordable, accessible, and predictable than other forms of regenerative care. Our bodies naturally produce peptides, but production varies greatly by individual and life stage. By restoring the number and types of peptides in the body, we can stimulate cellular recovery for specific goals and conditions. Through ongoing clinical management, we can personalize peptide care in a way that fits your needs and keeps safety at the forefront.



Telegenixx is at the forefront of peptide-based regenerative care is an emerging branch of medicine that focuses on treatments that help the body heal or replace damaged cells, organs and tissues. Regenerative medicine restores function lost to aging, disease, or damage starting at the molecular, cellular, and tissue levels. This includes anti-aging, body optimization, disease management and overall treatment.

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