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TgX & Rule Midlife Partnership

Telegenixx and Rule Midlife are partnering to bring you the very best in peri / menopause care. Our combined programs are designed specifically to put you on the path towards joy, vitality, and empowerment in midlife and beyond. With personalized plans for medication, lifestyle changes (and tools to support changes), education, and community, you will put your life on a path for long- term health and wellness. This program is for all people with uteruses who are confronting peri or post menopause challenges.

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Weight Management

Many factors influence our ability to lose fat and gain muscle. Whether your body composition results from menopause, genetics, lifestyle, aging, stress, or many other causes, Telegenixx and Rule Midlife can help you lean down in a way that supports your individual goals and needs.

Our personalized care plans use peptide medications in combination with lifestyle changes to help you lose fat and manage body composition more effectively. Our protocols help your body regulate feelings of hunger, as well as processes and hormones involved in digestion and insulin management, as we teach you evidence- based ways to shift your nutrition and fitness plans to ensure sustained weight loss in your midlife years.

Weight loss is never easy, but it doesn’t have to be so hard!

$349/m  |  3 month commitment
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Mental Clarity

Decreased mental clarity and brain fog are common concerns that can worsen with menopause and aging. The Telegenixx and Rule Midlife program is specifically designed to help manage mental stamina, memory, sleep quality, and brain regeneration, while improving feelings of anxiety and depression.

Our peptide medications focus on restoring the signalling pathways in the brain that increase availability of serotonin and other signalling molecules that drive learning, memory, and higher thinking, amongst other things. Aging trauma and hormone shifts can cause our signalling pathways to degrade.

We combine this with tailored nutrition information that nourishes the brain and exercise programs that promote overall brain health for maximum impact.

$349/m  |  3 month commitment
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Weight Management & Mental Clarity

 This program combines treatment plans that support weight management and mental clarity. Telegenixx and Rule Midlife will personalize the plans to fit your needs and goals in a way that restores your body’s function in managing fat storage and cognition.

All of us experience changes in weight management and mental performance as we age. Through peptide medications and exercise and nutrition programs designed for menopause and aging, we can restore your body to a higher state of function.

$549/m  |  3 month commitment
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