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Your wellbeing, designed for certainty.

We're bringing life changing medical care to you. If you're on a journey through weight loss, menopause, anxiety, or injury repair, Telegenixx delivers a personalized program with specialized physicians, laboratories, and pharmacies. Sign up now and we'll do the rest. Future you is excited you're here!


What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is a form of medical care that goes beyond only managing disease. It offers scientific and evidence-based therapies that allow the body to regenerate (or repair) itself into a higher state of function. 


The traditional model has challenges.

Regenerative care plans are generally expensive and complex, while finding qualified physicians can be confusing (or risky)! In-person care at clinics is rarely available outside big cities and visits are usually booked out for months. Traditionally, regenerative care has not been accessible to most people.


So, we built Telegenixx differently.

Telegenixx unifies world class physicians, personalized care plans, compliance tools, and virtual consultations into one streamlined platform. Our focus is on accessibility, affordability, easy to follow care plans, and above all, certainty for you. With our all inclusive monthly subscription fee, you know exactly what you will pay upfront. The rest we take care of.

I was considering joining a weight loss program when I saw Telegenixx posted on Fishbowl. I spoke with several of the founders in an initial consultation and learned more about the methods and philosophy of Telegenixx. They sent me a number of peer-reviewed research articles that gave me comfort, as I work in pharmaceuticals myself. I learned a lot about their team and how the program was designed with support, health, and science at the forefront. Their science is really sound and their philosophy is very supportive. Myself, I've gained weight year over year due to a very demanding work schedule and moving to the US. At home, I'd always had a propensity to gaining weight, but that ramped up a lot when I moved to this country. The team completely understood my scenario and was proactive in designing a program that addressed my needs, concerns, and goals, even including conversations around fitness and exercise options. With the demands of my career and life, this program really helps me seek and maintain my health unlike anything else I've come across. I'm really glad I signed up with the program and would recommend it to others in similar scenarios.


We have a range of effective care plans.

All care plans were designed by the Telegenixx Medical Advisory Board and will be personalized to your needs by your chosen Telegenixx physician. Our care plan categories have three Tiers, each with a broader medication protocol to suit your personal circumstances. Compliance with your chosen protocol will be made easier though the use of our symptom tracking, data analytics, and long-term support.

It's time you choose you.

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