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What Employers & Employees Want:

An Inclusive Weight Management Program for a Healthier, Happier Team!

Empower your workforce with an affordable, physician-guided and pharma-assisted weight loss program, harnessing the latest in evidence-based weight loss medications. This is the Telegenixx Workplace Weight Loss & Wellness Program.


Weight Management in the Workplace


The increase in employer costs related to obesity over the last decade. Employees with obesity incur, on average, double healthcare costs compared to lower weight peers.

The % of people with obesity who would change jobs to gain coverage for weight management treatment, according to a survey from the Obesity Action Coalition.



The proportion of employers in the USA who cover prescription medications to address weight management for employees

Meet Telegenixx

Telegenixx is a technology platform that gives access to the latest, evidence-based weight management therapies in an affordable, easy, and more engaging way. We unite lab work, physicians trained in body composition protocols, and personalized medications to deliver lasting change for your workforce. With virtual visits, asynchronous support, and coverage of all 50 states and Washington DC, we ensure all of your employees kickstart their health journey with results.

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The Workplace Weight Loss & Wellness Program is:

Euro Coins

Affordable & Transparent

High Five

Outcomes Driven

Travel planning

Convenient & Accessible

Reduce your healthcare spend and empower your employees


Average subscriber body weight lost within 7-12 months

Telegenixx is an effective and affordable way for employers to provide employees with access to weight loss medications that generate significant results, decrease employer & employee healthcare spend, and reduce the incidence of certain preventable diseases.


Amount of patients who experienced significant weight loss on a Telegenixx plan


On average, our out of pocket costs are only 25-30% of industry norms

What employees get from the Telegenixx Workplace Weight Loss & Wellness Program

Weight management is a struggle for the vast majority of the population. We offer holistic weight management programs that combine highly effective medications with lifestyle recommendations, tailored to address your employees' individual health needs.

Access to qualified weight management physicians

Regular visits with a trained & qualified weight management physicians and their clinical support team, so your employees are supported every step of the way.

Clinical & Administrative Management

All members will have their experience monitored & supported by clinical and administrative teams, with ongoing medication refills delivered to their home, based on their care plan. Each person receives high-touch, personalized support to ensure their goals are reached.

Peptide Medications

Access to our formulary of effective weight loss medications. Our physicians will determine the most appropriate medication protocol for your employees. Adjustments will be made to ensure each participant continues to see meaningful results.

Lifestyle Tools & Resources

All members will receive lifestyle recommendations designed to compliment the medication protocol and build healthy habits into everyday life. Members will have access to helpful tools, conversations, and tips to both educate and empower them on their health journey.

Telegenixx distinguishes itself through unwavering empathy, transparency, and undeniable results

Experience a healthcare service that gives hope, where cutting-edge regenerative therapies are at the forefront of weight management.


One of the most affordable options for employers to provide weight-management care to employees

We offer plans with the most effective GLP-1 medications available, at an average cost of 60-75% less than industry norms. With access to diverse offerings, we personalize care to meet your employees where they are. 


Care plans constantly tailored and refined based on members diverse needs & biology, guaranteeing results

We understand that every weight-loss journey is unique and specific to each individual. Our skilled team of physicians constantly tailor care plans to ensure the desired results are delivered. This is not a one size fits all program.


Protocols created and refined by the world leaders in peptide therapy practice and research

Our protocols, created by globally renowned experts in peptide therapies, Dr. William Seeds, Dr. Betsy Yurth, and Dr. Kris Wusterhausen, are continually adapted to ensure optimal effectiveness.

Program Formats and Offerings

Discounted Rates

Opportunities for bulk discounts on cash-pay fees tiered by subscriber rates and volume.

We can offer full or partial (administrative fee) based sponsored plans to subsidize employee costs.

Employer Sponsored

Blended Program

Opportunities for blended cash and insurance pay, with discounts for
employees complete certain qualifying activities.

Your employees are in the hands of the world’s leading physicians & researchers in weight management and peptide therapies

Unlike most physicians, our entire team is SSRP-trained, the world's top peptide training academy. We guarantee our care teams are experts on medication mechanics and lifestyle habit synergies for long-lasting, life-changing outcomes.

See what current members are saying about our care plans

I was considering joining a weight loss program when I saw Telegenixx posted on Fishbowl. I spoke with several of the founders in an initial consultation and learned more about the methods and philosophy of Telegenixx. They sent me a number of peer-reviewed research articles that gave me comfort, as I work in pharmaceuticals myself. I learned a lot about their team and how the program was designed with support, health, and science at the forefront. Their science is really sound and their philosophy is very supportive. Myself, I've gained weight year over year due to a very demanding work schedule and moving to the US. At home, I'd always had a propensity to gaining weight, but that ramped up a lot when I moved to this country. The team completely understood my scenario and was proactive in designing a program that addressed my needs, concerns, and goals, even including conversations around fitness and exercise options. With the demands of my career and life, this program really helps me seek and maintain my health unlike anything else I've come across. I'm really glad I signed up with the program and would recommend it to others in similar scenarios.


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